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Bed and breakfast treatment;
Bed and bath linen service;
Change of towels every two days;
Mid-week change of bed linen;
Large courtyard with lounges and music where you can enjoy drinks and aperitifs in total relaxation.

Services nearby

Immediately below the structure are:
the beauty center ART ESTETICA and the POESIA CAFFE ‘bar;
at about 300m you have at your disposal Supermarket and Pharmacy;
the nearest restaurant / pizzeria is just 100m away


Leverano is about 9 km from the sea and Porto Cesareo has always constituted its immediate and natural view of the Ionian Sea. A town of ancient origins, according to the illustrious Levantoese historian Geronimo Marciano (1571-1628), was founded in 540 AD by the survivors of the nearby hamlets of Sant’Angelo and Torricella, who escaped the fury of Totila in 538 AD. In the ninth century it was occupied by the Saracens.

The city became one of the most important center and it seems that the Emperor Federico II has provided him with an imposing tower, to defend the town.

It is an important agricultural center; the extensive vineyards produce high quality wines, which reach the various markets of Europe. The production is distinguished by the Leverano Red Doc wine Novello. An important voice in the economy of the town is also floriculture, which, for the marketing of the product, makes use of the “Municipal Market of Flowers”. The oil produced is highly appreciated for its remarkable quality and organoleptic characteristics. The cultivation of vegetables is increasingly focused on early fruits and late autumn and winter production, to cover new market needs. The historic center, which remains intact and homogeneous, is formed by a cluster of small houses that overlook the basolato streets.


The town is dominated by a remarkable tower, built by Federico II in 1220, as a lookout tower and bulwark to defend the area from the frequent pirate raids against the nearby Porto Cesareo port . It is about 28 meters high; it has a parallelepiped shape with a square base. Inside it was divided into 4 floors, but the intermediate wooden floors have collapsed. The moat has disappeared.

The Mother Church was begun in 1589, but an earthquake in 1743 destroyed it and was restored in 1747. The front, with the central portal was finished in 1622; the building is dominated by two domes and is an example of the transition from the Renaissance to the Baroque. Almost all the altars date back to the 18th century: the most ancient is probably that of the Souls. Near the square stands the seventeenth-century Church of Santa Maria (valuable the altar on the eastern side); in the middle of the altar, an altarpiece represents the Virgin with the Child between two Saints. On the road to Nardo ‘stands the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, with the adjacent Convent, anciently dedicated to San Rocco, dating back to the late fifteenth century. It presents late Romanesque elements, despite the presence of baroque superstructures.


Not only vineyards and olive trees, but also barley and 100% salentine craft beers, products with a short supply chain that tell another face of the productive fabric of Leverano. The “Birra Salento” brewery produces “0 km” beers, known from a long experimentation started with the Department of Science and Biological and Environmental Technologies of the University of Salento.

Gli Appuntamenti

Birra e Sound is the first European beer festival in Salento, organized to offer the pleasure of evenings spent in the company of a good mug of beer linked to a phenomenon of revaluation of the world of taste and all the news that are increasingly interesting the quality tasting people. An event not only directed towards young curious but also thought for a more demanding and attentive clientele that has detached itself from the traditional aspect of understanding this drink and is attracted by a new way of drinking beer, a sector that today counts thousands of consumers as well as many quality products, coming from any corner of Europe, that are conquering the palate of many people as well as representing a vehicle of culture in the context of a niche gastronomy. An “international beer citadel”, created in the market area of ​​Leverano, in the province of Lecce, an exhibition space of about 10,000 square meters. and set up with pre-established structures, within which the European beer world will be concentrated, in a journey aimed at reviving the original charm and the typical atmosphere of English, Danish, Spanish, German, Irish, Scottish and other pubs brewing cultures and where you can taste over 100 types of draft beer and bottled specialties. An event that wants to attract visitors by proposing the charm and the atmosphere typical of the classic places of production, the intense aromas of beers that are not always known to the public, within a folk setting typical of the traditional brewing countries. An important event organized in a Salento that is attesting, especially at this precise moment, as a place to present events related to culture and traditions particularly close to the world of gastronomy and music, which will bring the participation of a great flow of public not only regional but above all of tourists looking for special events. An event in this way represents a moment of connection between the peculiarities of the territory, with its historical and cultural heritage, its gastronomic traditions and new cultural aspects that allow combinations between a drink such as beer and typical products of Salento to enhance tastes and aromas of this earth.

The “Fera ti li cirase”, or Cherries Fair, in Leverano, is now a fixed appointment for food and wine tourism. Initially born as a religious event linked to the Feast of Our Lady of Consolation, and provides a large market fair, the protagonist, of course, the cherry. A seasonal fruit fair that takes place every year in Leverano in the province of Lecce, to officially celebrate the arrival of the beautiful season in Salento, rich in sea, sun and wind. The event is held every year on the fourth Sunday of May. Very characteristic is the religious festival linked to the festival, in fact on this occasion is organized a parade of vintage carts very suggestive: each wagon is driven by horses that can even be fifty in total and at the end the best horse is rewarded with bags of ‘oats. There are so many stalls that animate the center of Leverano during this festival that, obviously focused on cherries, also leaves room for all the fruits of the season. Not only cherries in the strict sense of the term, but also products based on this tasty and sweet fruit, such as jams or marmalades, to celebrate at best the Leverano cherry which has taken on distinctive national characteristics. In addition to the festival it will also be possible to attend the cattle fair which includes farm and courtyard items. A real spring festival that celebrates the fruits of the earth and allows visitors to go personally to the places where they produce these natural delicacies to understand the techniques of cultivation of the products.

In the captivating display of floral art, the event makes the cut flower the absolute protagonist and enhances the important role of floriculture in Salento, in a national and international context articulated, increasingly, in fragile and unstable equilibrium. It will be an opportunity, therefore, to enjoy the beautiful harmony of music, colors and sensations, but also to take stock of the challenges that local and national floriculture must face in an increasingly globalized world. The flower becomes not only a symbol of beauty, but also a keystone for installations of contemporary art, which unfold in paths of rarefied chromatic notes and artistic creations, through the streets of the historic center of Leverano.

“Leverano Summer” is a review of events that invade the streets of the town of Leverano, a town in the province of Lecce, from July until mid-August. The exhibition provides that, in a series of garrisons of the city center, are held every evening at the same time, theater and dance performances (and dance theater), live music performances by local artists, visual art performances, both in extemporaneous form that like installations, book presentations and much, much more. In the rich program there are also workshops for children and food and wine tours for the curious and curious of the flavors of local excellence. In some equipped corners of the city there are also small open-air cinema shows, with films of great timeless films or modern films that already aspire to the status of classic. In a mix of sounds and lights, Leverano’s summer is one of the richest in the Salento area. Really not to be missed.

The enthusiasm and the excitement of the inhabitants of Leverano are strong, which every year in August celebrate the patron saint Rocco. There are three days of celebration that Leverano dedicates to his beloved protector, 16/17 and 18 August in which masses are celebrated since the morning and a characteristic procession of the faithful will bring the simulacrum of San Rocco through the streets of the village accompanied by melodies of ancient musical bands. In all the evenings there will be the lighting of the lights, a show that fascinates adults and children thanks to the beautiful choreography of lights and colors. In Piazza Roma there are several band concerts and popular music. The three days of celebration close with a pyrotechnic contest at midnight. For all the festive days colored stalls and stands of local associations and cooperatives will be present for the promotion of local products and the territory.

Lovers of Salento wine certainly will not miss the appointment with the traditional food and wine festival “Novello in festa” that returns to animate the historic center of Leverano, in the province of Lecce. This autumn festival fills the streets of gastronomic and exhibition stands with typical products of Salento, offering the opportunity to taste wines, cheeses, oil and products from the Salento area. Impeccable work and care by ProLoco volunteers, who have been committed for years to give to the hundred visitors a moment of fusion between the peculiarities of the territory, with its historical and cultural heritage, its gastronomic traditions and typical products of Salento, exalting tastes and perfumes. Three days full of events, including the Wine Fair, guided tours of the local wine cellars “Vecchia Torre” and “Conti Zecca”, music, street artists, wine approach courses, educational walk in the heart of the Leverano Doc vineyards. visits to the federiciana tower and to the historical monuments symbol of the country, so as to intrigue not only young people, but also families and all those who want to spend an evening full of good taste and good wine. Born with the aim of enhancing the Novello wine, the undisputed protagonist, the initiative aims to promote, enhance and develop the area by encouraging seasonally adjusted tourism. Culture, music and folklore will meet every evening, enriched by the traditional pinch of Salento, the true cultural soul of this Earth alternating manifestations of all kinds and characteristic events in November in the south of Puglia. And to quote an ancient saying of our grandparents “Bevi Wine that makes good blood “, this is the right occasion to rediscover the inebriating taste of that nectar of bacchus that warms the heart.

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